1. Students will arrive on time and be expected to attend all scheduled classes.

  2. No chewing gum in class.

  3. Dress Code for each class will be strictly enforced. Students must be dressed in proper dance attire & shoes, and must have hair done according to dress code.

  4. Dress rehearsals are mandatory. If the dress rehearsals for the Upstage Showcase are missed, the student may forfeit the right to participate in the show. 

  5. Post-dated cheques will be made payable to Upstage Dance Co. for the first of every month and given to Upstage Dance Co. on or before the Registration Deadline or the student will not participate in dance classes. If dance fees are in arrears the dancer will not participate in dance classes.

  6. Costume Deposit & Dance Fees are Non-Refundable after October 31st.

  7. A $50.00 fee is charged for every N.S.F. cheque.

  8. Class levels, competition, and class placements are strictly at the discretion of our Professional Instructors.

  9. Any problems or concerns will be adressed out-of-class by appointment.

  10. If a student misses more than four competitive classes, the dancer may forfeit the right to participate in competition performances, unless the dancer is willing to pay for extra private lessons to catch up (time and schedule permitting). This is at the discretion of the instructor.