Upstage Preschool of the Arts

Providing high quality early education with our expanded curriculum model that includes music, movement, drama & visual art.

Girl Drawing

Our mission is to offer an innovative, rich and vibrant learning experience committed to child-focused exploration, creativity and collaboration.

 Inspired by the philosophies of Reggio Emilia and Montessori, we believe that children hold the future in their hearts, minds, and souls and that education should be an “education for life.” Education must provide the opportunity for children to learn in an atmosphere of respect, kindness, and belief in each child's potential. Independence and autonomy are celebrated and supported.


We passionately believe our children are…

  • capable researchers who thrive in a negotiated curriculum. We value children’s ability to take part in the learning process.

  • creative communicators who express and develop their thinking in a wide variety of ways. We value children’s many languages.

  • social beings embedded within our community. We value opportunities for meaningful collaboration with members of the community.


  We are proud to be the first Arts Based Preschool program in Warman, bringing those initial social and artistic educational experiences to our young explorers to carry forward into their world.

Kids with Capes

Program Options:

Group A - Early Learners

This program is geared toward our younger students. Here, we will explore social, artistic and academic discoveries to stimulate and entertain our growing imaginations. Students attend two days each week, these sessions run on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.


Group B - Pre K Learners 

Our Pre K program is geared toward students preparing to enter Kindergarten next year. In this program, we will prepare your child for their next steps with the same care and attention to exploration as our younger group. Students in Pre K will attend three days each week, these sessions will run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.



Upstage Preschool of the Arts 2021-2022 Season runs from Sept 13th, 2021 - May 20th 2022.



Drop-off time is 9:15-9:30am

Sessions run 9:30-11:30am

Pick-up time is 11:30-11:45am


Program Fees:

$20 - Registration

$75 - Supplies

$120 monthly, Sept-May (Group A)

$150 monthly, Sept-May (Group B)